CYSD has adopted a five pronged advocacy approached to address the above mentioned issues

  • Community level advocacy
  • Strategic engagement with relevant Govt. departments
  • Legislative advocacy
  • Citizenry advocacy
  • Media Advocacy

This five layered of advocacy by the organization are based on four basic strategies elaborated as follows

  • Generating evidence on the ground level issues in TSP and SCSP, ICDS, PDS, maternal health, child rights and pre-school education to Inform,educate and engage community members,public representatives and the media on the rights and entitlements of the poor and marginalized
  • Developing citizen leaders to advocate on pro-poor policy formation through awareness generation and sensitization
  • Networking and alliance with the like-minded organizations, people's representatives, media and other citizenry groups to influence the policy makers based on the micro and macro level findings on relevant governance issues. It aims at linking grassroot level findings with the national level forum to create a larger impact.
  • Strategic and intensive engagement with govt. institutions both at implementation and policy formulation level
Community Advocacy

Community advocacy here in CYSD, intends to create empowered individual and community to seek individual/collective justice for citizenry rights and entitlements. The implementation level gaps at community level are brought out through primary research on thematic issues of governance such TSP & SCSP, ICDS and pre-school education and to generate dialogue among CSOs, CBOs, entitlement holders, Govt. officials and frontline workers. This process has been carried out in a three pronged approach

  • Strengthening community through building awareness on above mentioned issues
  • Strengthening CBM with the use of social accountability tools like CRC, CSC and budget tracking
  • Building active citizenship through District Budget Watch Groups

Building Awareness
CSOs, CBOs and entitlement holders are capacitated in terms of impart knowledge on their rights and entitlements under different policies, programmes and schemes. This initiative also intensifies their understanding and participation on state budget.

  • Developing IEC materials on - budget literacy and state budget process
  • Developing Trainers' manual health and expenditure tracking manual on ICDS budget to strengthen the entitlement holders, CSOs, CBOs on the rights and entitlements relating to maternal health and ICDS